There's A Better Way

Connect IP Digital Marketing departs from classic digital marketing.  Our technology: 

  • Tracks Source Attribution
  • Increases Conversions
  • Can Actually Measure Ad ROI

Connect IP Digital Marketing

Learn how you can benefit from Connect's IP Digital Marketing


Source Attribution


Connect ad tech sends banner ad content to targets based on geographic location.  Because our tech matches IP Address to Street Address at a 95% accuracy, we can really provide source attribution for our ads.  No other ad tech comes close to our accuracy.  No other ad tech can attribute to ad source.

Increased Conversions


The only true 1-1 marketing technology.  Connect uses a highly accurate ad serve delivered to a more focused audience to increase conversions minimizing wasted ad spend.  Classic ad tech passively waits for prospects to search for you.  Connect actively targets your prospects.

What's Your Ad Spend ROI?


Classic ad tech simply cannot provide true ROI, forcing consumers into focusing on clicks, likes, or shares.  None of these pay the bills or generate revenue.  If you cannot determine source attribution, you cannot measure conversions, as a result, cannot measure ROI.  Connect can.

Classic is Cool, When It Is Your Ride


SEO, ILS, Social Media are all Classics.  None of the classics can accurately track conversions or source attribution, so none can provide ROI.  Connect plays nicely with classic ad with UTM codes and retargeting lift.

Site Teams Are Busy


Site offices are busy places and in a highly competitive industry, your management team cannot lose focus to train on new software or have downtime for interruptions.  Connect requires no site team training so there are no interruptions to your operations.

Stabilized? Lease Up? Struggling?


Just because your property is 93% doesn't mean you cannot achieve a high occupancy!  Connect can improve your stabilized occupancy rate and increase lease up velocity. Oh, and we love a challenge so we will take your struggling properties!

How Does It Work?


1. Identify Your Targets

Our client property will identify their ad serve targets.  These could be competitors, businesses, or venues.  Connect sets it up for you!

2. Locations are Geo-Framed & Ad Serve Initiates

You can supply your banner ads or work with Connect to design the ads with messaging and call to action you desire.  UTM codes can be applied to the campaign to roll Connect IP Digital Marketing into your metrics.

3. Your new prospects visit your website and community

Traffic will be driven to your website and community for more information.

4. Your team converts and closes the prospects

Hey, we just deliver the content.  You have the rockstar leasing talent!

5. Measure success

Monthly reporting, including Guest Card Match Back, tracking source attribution, conversion, and ROI.


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