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Converting Prospects to Applicants, Unlocking ROI

Connect empowers apartment communities with comprehensive geotargeting solutions, leveraging lead source attribution and marketing ROI analysis.

Prospects to Applicants, ROI Unleashed

Connect empowers apartment communities with comprehensive geotargeting solutions, including lead source attribution and marketing ROI analysis, to achieve meaningful results.

The ultimate marketing success metric:

More qualified applicants for your community.

We empathize with the challenges apartment operators face because we have been in your shoes – we have developed, built, and managed communities ourselves!   We have a deep understanding of the pressures involved in maintaining leasing velocity & occupancy in stabilized and lease-up communities.

We understand the difficulty in measuring the results of your community’s digital marketing spend.  Legacy methods like ILSs, paid ads, and social media lack clear source attribution, while other geofencing products generate anonymous foot traffic.  As a result, showing ROI becomes virtually impossible.

Connect’s advanced technology excels in generating more applicants and accurately links them to ad serve locations.  This enables us to provide clear applicant source attribution to measure campaign results.  The applicant data, including lease term and rent, transparently demonstrates the campaign’s ROI.

Source Attribution

Our technology converts your applicant’s previous address to latitude and longitude coordinates, enabling precise source attribution by comparing applications to campaign ad serve locations.

Marketing ROI

Applicants’ rental rate and lease term provide the details to show marketing ROI and value of your marketing spend.

ILSs & Paid Ads Promote Your Competition

Our campaigns prominently position your community as the superior choice, standing out from the sea of options.

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